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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Ella!

Me, Danielle, and Ella!

One of my best friends, Ella, turned 23 on Valentine's Day :) (Sinve I've been a bit busy lately this is a little delayed..but c'est la vie!) We went to Niagara Falls and stayed at a suite in the beautiful Hilton Hotel, met all of Ella's friends, danced our butts off at the Dragonfly Club, and drank a little bit too muchlime jello shots and coconut vodka (sooo yummy. Too yummy, actually, when mixed with Pineapple juice and an I'm-already-buzzed-let's-drink-some-more attitude that I apparently had going that night. Whoops.) 
(Note: All of these pictures were stolen from Ella's camera... I forgot to bring mine during my classic last-minute packing frenzy)
Cute nametags Ella made to help all of her friends get to know one another
"My name's Colleen, has anyone seen my red solo cup?"
It was honestly an amazing night, one that I haven't had much opportunity to experience. It was a bit bittersweet, as two members of our group couldn't make it due to a sudden death and an illness, but we kept them in our minds all night and promised to take them back here :)

Dani dancing away!
The club had a "Mardi Gras" theme to it that weekend, so there were beads and masks and boas everywhere. I'm not really a club person...I've only been to a handful in my life, and have always preferred to just hang out at a bar or at home for that matter. But I actually had a blast this time around :)

Mardi Gras!
But that may have been due to the coconut vodka.

Ella: Champ

Two of my favourite girls!
 I am so lucky to have found such amazing, fun, honest, and hilarious friends. Here's to you,  Ellabella! :)

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