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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! My day was spent doing a midterm in the morning (worth 40%...probably bombed), running around the mall with my 4 best friends at lunch, and then handing in an assignment and spending 3 long, boring hours in class in the afternoon.
My boyfriend found out that one of his midterms had been rescheduled from Friday to today, so I told him not to worry about me and to go study for it.
But he worried about me. I came home to this!
beautiful Valentine's rose!
I've never gotten a Valentine's Day present before, besides from my dad (my past boyfriends all decided to completely ignore the holiday, without telling me. Men.) So I was pretty surprised when I walked in the door and saw this. Stopped dead in my tracks. And...backed away from it. For some reason I was scared? But then I read the card and it was so very him, and I began smiling like an idiot.
I'm a lucky girl.
I hope you all get a little love today, whether it's from a significant other, your parents, friends, pets, or yourself!

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